The Keeper's Cage

Under The Boundry

After saving the Tefling woan she lead the heros to the hoe of a old Gnome sorceres that lived along teh edge of the great boundry. The boundry was known to all that ever ventured to the edge of any nation as teh Boundrys were al acrose teh lands some were larger than others but they were ever constant reinders of ancent times. Teh Boundrs were created my ancient wizards as a means of difence to keep waring nations seperated. the were physical manifestations of the Shadowfell. These magical borders were dangerous in the extrea as they covered many achers in and were teaming with the undead and otehr fell creatures. passage through them was suicide so to past, one had to use a portal, fly over, or go under. The old Gnome had forseen the arrival of teh heros and had been prepairing for quite soe time. she had placed her home here for she know that long ago when teh boundrys were first placed that some smuglers had dug out a tunnle to sneek goods across. she had been waiting the arrival of teh heros and had also been intertaining a visitor from teh boundry that was looking for a creature that had escaped to this side. when te heros arrive they are introduced and given a short time to rest but once they begin to explain there story and the fate of the tieflind they are interuped by eh sounds of an intruder. moving tto teh back of the house they spot a darkone that had been listening in on their conversation. The ranger fro the boundry recognised the creature as his quarry. the darkone took off an rushed to teh boundry racing in to report back to his superiors. the old gnome urged the heros to give chace and stop him. She gave them supplies and showed them to the tunnle so that they could attempt to catch the beast. Entering the tunnle they spoted hi and attempted to catch hi as they raced throug teh tunnle. they were able to chace teh beast down a side tunnle only to see it get swallowed by a section of weak floor and disapear in to a deep dark pit. due to the cealing being mostly exposed they were continualy attacked by minnins of teh undead lured to teh tunnle by the sent of life. the shadowfell did not respondwell to teh actions of a clearic attempting to turn teh udeadand often retaliated with the wails of the damed that drove heros to the floor in pain. Halfway through teh tunne the heros found teh remails of a hobgoblin theif that has died in teh tunnle attepting to ferry several magical wepons under the boundry. The heros were offen urged on to the other side by the teifling woman who seemed ever eager to be away from teh side o teh boundry where the goblins had taken her. and the heros to were eager to leave the goblin lands behind. coming to the edege of the tunnle the were met with a cavein theat gave way to a traped floor that dropped them in to a dwarven mine.



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