The Keeper's Cage

The Dwarven Mine

After the heros slide down out of the tunnle they find them selves in an erriely quiet ine tat show all the signs of fairly recien use. Ever burning tourches are spread about teh area sparingly mostly in areas that are also stacked with tools for digging. the mine is for the most part empty but ther is fresh water and air. For teh most part the hearos are simply happy to be out of the tunnle. they search the area and get a drink befor finding a storage building the dwarves seem to have used as a barricks for sleepng and eating. finding th area abaondone exept for a few rats and bats they bed down for some rest after securring the sleeping area. the next morning they explore a bit more and find a few crates in the water. they are marked as being dangerous yet teh heros open the any way and release two gouls that are quickly dispatched. after another short rest they begin looking for an area ro escape the ine and as thy aproach a previously unsearched area they disturb a young black dragon that had returned late in the night from hunting outside. After being initialy caught off guard the heroes battle diligetly against teh beast and eventualy take it down. upon the death of teh beast one of the pary begins setting about skinning teh dragons hide.



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