The Keeper's Cage


heros wake up in dank jail cells. the y have been here for days or has it been weeks. some have been here longer than others. They have been snatched and taken from all over one at a time. they have been brought here for the amusement of some darker force. the jailors are goblins and hobgoblins that treat them little better than cattle. they are forceded to fight each otehr and a collection of beasts that teh goblins have been able to capture. the true numbers that are being held are unknown as little canbe sen from the cells and they are blindfolded befor they are taken to teh arena. the layout of the facility is limited and each only knows his way to and from his cell. on a day that was much like any other since their arrival something truely unexpected occured. thewalls of teh prision shook and the goblins began to panic. the prision was under attack from an unknown force and the prisioners took full atvantage of the confusion. There as a massive jail break as the goblins franticly tried to deal with the colosal gold dragon that was attacking the prision as if by chance. those that looked out the window saw a clutch of kobalds scamping upon te dragons back and they seemed as if this was natural. the dragon thn struck the prison and took a secton of the wall out shortly there after a olderlooking humanoid ran out along the dragons arm and took up a possition amongst the kobalds on the dragons back and te beast took to the air again. durring the histaria the heros where able to kill several guards including the warden and steal weapons and armor from the storrooms and what little of ther personal possetions still remained. Upon making i to teh surface they discovered that they were ain a decilate an unforgiving landscape at teh crest of a lage cliff face overlooking a vast ocean. To the other side loming on the horission were dark and ominus clouds. Though truely anything would be better than waiting for the goblins to regain there composure and come out looking for them. Traversing the landscape was forethe ost part un eventfull and little was seen exept teh occational fire bettle. the tereain was for the most part featureless and barren save teh occational jutting stone pillar. along the way teh herros encountered a patrole of hobgoblins escorting a Tiefling prissoner. the slew the guards a nd freed the prisioner that offered to take them to soe one that could get them to safety.



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